Server rules:

Hacking, using third-party client
Killing/Griefing in survival
Duping items
Ignore staff warnings
Harassing players
Telling people to do innapropraite stuff or talking about nsfw topics
Ban evasion
Trash talking
Don't try and find a loophole in the rules, if you think its bad, its probably against the rules
Invis skins
Begging for OP

Discord Rules:

1. No toxicity 2. Keep swearing to a minimum, and try not to swear at people.
3. No spam
4. Keep chat English so we know what your talking about and not breaking rules in other languages.
4. No adding innapropraite reactions, eg swear swords.
5. No discussing tops that could offend people, like politics, death ect.
6. No NSFW, nothing that you wouldn't want someone else to see on your phone since people may be on this server in public places or it might offend people.
7. This rule should go unsaid but. Don't scam/Hack.
8. No advertising or DM advertising
9. Use the right channel for right purpose eg post memes in meme channels, buy and sell in marketplace channel ect.
10. Follow discords TOS
11. Don't try and find loopholes in the rules, if you do something that you think is bad it will probably get you banned.
12. No online dating and talking about sexual relationships, this can be done in real life.
13. No ban evasion